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Hats In The Attic

Hats in the attic

Scene 1
(Benny und Linda come in , seeming very bored)

Benny: What can we do, Linda?

Linda: Let's go to the attic. There are lots of old things
up there.

Benny: Look at that!

Linda: Wow. It looks really old. Let's open it.

Benny: What a crazy hat.

Linda: There's another one. Let's put them on.
(Prinz Rupert und Prinz Gregory appear.)

Scene 2
Linda: Who are these men?

Benny: I don't know. I'm scared.

Rupert: Who are you?

Benny: I'm Benny.

Linda: I'm Linda.

Rupert: Welcome, Prince Benny Welcome, Princess Linda.
I'm Prince Rupert.
Sh! The king and the princess are coming.
(King and princess appear.)

King: Here is the golden shoe. Try it on. It must fit you.
Then you can marry the princess.
It doesn't fit Prince Rupert.

Gregory:Rupert, give it to me. It's my turn now.

King: It doesn't fit Prince Gregory.
You can't marry my daughter. The golden shoe
doesn't fit. Who are you?

Benny: I'm Benny.

King: Try on the shoe. -  Hurrah, it fits you.

Princess:Prince Benny, marry me.

Benny: Marry you? I can't. I'm only ten. Linda, help me!

Linda: Take the hat off.
(All of them disappear, except Benny and Linda )

Scene 3
Benny: Thanks, Linda.

Linda: Phew!
(Die Mutter kommt plötzlich herein.)

Mum: Benny, Linda!
What are you doing in the attic?...
And what's that?

(Benny und Linda look at each other, not comprehending . Then Benny  eventually looks down  and  gets a fright. He sees the golden shoe , which  still is on his foot.. He screams, pulls the shoe from his foot and throws it away.

Benny: Aaaaaaag!
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